Universal Cleaner

Universal Cleaner
Universal Cleaner

ferax® clean 2000 Universal Cleaner
ferax® clean 2000 is a universal, fast-drying, mild-smelling, non-dissolving special cleaner. It is used for pre-cleaning of surfaces to be adhered and removes remains of freshly applied adhesives and sealants.

clean 2000 for easy removal of
● dust
● remains of adhesives from protective foils
● labels
● traces of rubber
● wax crayons
● fresh PUR foam
● fresh 1K-PUR and 2K-PUR adhesives
● fresh sealant remains
● tar and bitumen splashes.

Please take note of the instructions in the Technical Data Sheet.


Instructions for Use: 
Surfaces are cleaned using a dry, colour-fast cloth, cellulose or cotton. For fresh adhesive remains, the cloth is moistened and used to wipe off in one direction (not to be rubbed in). Change the cloth as necessary.

Pack: Can with 1000 ml



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Universal Cleaner clean 2000

1000 ml

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