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Company Details

Company Details

ferax Klebstoffe + Dichtstoffe
Ringstraße 16
86653 Monheim / Bayern

Tel.: +49(0)9091 907 997 -0
Fax: +49(0)9091 907 997 -99

Company Owner:
Wolfgang Müller

Sales Tax ID No. DE 812 565 196

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"ferax Klebstoffe + Dichtstoffe" as content provider is responsible for its own company contents available for use under the terms of general legislation. Cross-references (links) to contents made available by other providers shall be differentiated from own contents. Links are made available for use by ferax in respect of "third party contents“ and these are specified as such and opened in a NEW Window.

Links to pages or data files outside the scope of these pages (outside the domain) represent part of this presentation. Third party contents are under no circumstances component of this offer and are not “sold”. “ferax Klebstoffe + Dichtstoffe" is then only responsible for third party contents if there is prior knowledge of these (i.e. also of an illegal or punishable content) and it is technical possible and reasonable to prevent their utilization (§5 Section 2 TDG German Teleservices Act).

"Links" are always "living" (dynamic) references. Although with the first linking "ferax Klebstoffe + Dichtstoffe" has examined the third party content in respect of whether this triggers a possible civil law or penal law responsibility, nevertheless according to the German Teleservices Act the content provider is not obliged to continually examine the contents of links referred to in his offer in respect of changes which could be a new basis of responsibility. Only in the case that he establishes or it is pointed out to him by others that a specific offer to which he has made the link available triggers a civil law or penal law responsibility, he will withdraw the reference to this offer insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable to expect. Technical possibility and reasonableness is not influenced by the fact that even after prevention of access from the "" homepage, there can still be access from other servers to the unlawful or legally punishable offer.

Data Protection & Source Disclaimer

Data Protection & Source Disclaimer

Data Protection
Under normal circumstances, the use of our website is possible without entering personal data. Insofar as our website enters personal data (such as Name, Address or eMail address), this is always as far as possible on a voluntary basis. Without your expressed consent, these data are not forwarded to third persons. We point out here that data transfer in Internet (e.g. communication per E-Mail) may have security gaps. Complete data security i.e. access by a third party is not possible. We hereby declare that we undertake no liability for the use under terms of publisher obligations and expressly demanded advertising and information material.  The operator of the website has the sole right to undertake steps in the case of unsolicited sending of advertising material for example, Spam-Mails.

Disclaimer under European Law

Concept & Design

Concept & Design

Concept, Design, Graphics and Video

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Mike Sohlmann

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Virtual Studio

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