Terrassenmeister® Spacers
Terrassenmeister® Spacers

Spacer for patios constructed with ceramic paving slabs

Product Details:

  • Especially for ceramic paving slabs 20mm,
  • transparent, dark joints are not optimal for light-coloured
  • slabs 3mm jointing
  • spacers and base plates are breakable and are thus compatible with the site requirements.
  • The base slab guarantees evenness of paving.


Technical Properties:

  • Translucent 100 % recyclable material
  • Manufacturing system: Injection moulding
  • Manufacturing standard: ISO 9001
  • Colour: transparent
  • Form: square with rounded corners
  • UV, weather and frost-resistant


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Spacer, transparent
for ceramic slabs, 3mm joint

700 993 004

48 pcs. / bag

10 bags