Instructions and Product Videos

Learn the proper handling of the products in order not to make any mistakes. The videos show you exactly how to use the products correctly so that you will have pleasure in your ferax products for a long time to come


"Porto Ceramics PRO"

Short video about news about adjusting foot Porto

Lawn edges / path limitation

Short video about demarcation of different areas in the garden

Green lawn grid

Short video about a plate for the stabilization of lawns

"TukoN" substructure system for patios made of aluminum

new substructure system for the installation of wood or stone/ceramic patios

ferax Terrassenmeister® "transparent spacer"

Spacer for the laying of stone or ceramic patios

ferax Terrassenmeister "Porto Einschlaghülse"

Porto positioning foot as insert for standard hammered sleeves, evening out of height differences using proven technology


ferax Terrassenmeister® "Holders for side cladding"

Holders for side claddings in elevated patios with ferax positioning supports

ferax at Bau 2017

Impressions from our stand at the trade fair, in Hall A5

Diamond Dry Dill Bits for Stone and Ceramic Slabs

Special drill bits for ceramic patio paving, fine stoneware, thin granite, clinker tiles etc. With M14 take-up for angle grinders. Especially for the installation of Terrassenmeister® recessed lighting in the paving stones.

Spacer for Stone & Ceramic Slabs

for laying with precision joints

"LightPro" new light from ferax

Innovative cable system for light in your garden

Ferax Positioning Foot with automatic evening out of levels

Positioning foot mounting of patios in stone or ceramics, video instructions

ferax Protective Tape for wooden substructures in patio laying

ferax Protective Tape: Self-adhesive tape protects the substructure like a rood against wet, mounting instructions

Terrassenmeister® Light

Lighting systems from ferax offer a great variety of possibilities

Laying Instructions FixeGo

Concealed installation of wooden floor boards, no damage to the wood, for long life

"Modulesca" System Stairs from ferax

Modular stairs for garden, for stone and wood coverings, for a great variety of staircase designs

Animation system stairs "Modulesca"

This video shows the installation of the staircase system

Positioning Foot "Porto" from ferax for the construction of patios

Substructures made easy with the Porto positioning foot