Brunox® Turbo-Spray

Brunox® Turbo-Spray
Brunox® Turbo-Spray

1 Lubricant: a long-lasting lubricant thanks to the additive TURBOLINE. No resinification, contains no silicone, no Teflon, no graphite. Excellent for locks, lock cylinders, weapons, door frames, window mechanisms, bicycles etc.

2 Rust solvent/penetrating oil: Excellent penetration properties, seeks into the finest hair cracks and gaps. Releases stubborn screws and mechanisms within the shortest time. Removes rust film. Excellent maintenance product for stainless steel.

 Corrosion protection: Guarantees complete corrosion protection (ca. 6 months indoor). Repels moisture, forms a clear, invisible, non-hardening protective film of 1-2 μ which also serves as dirt repellant.  
  Also protects aluminium, copper, brass, chromium plated and anodized sheets and high-grade steel.

4 Cleaning agent: Seeps underneath mineral or organic dirt and dissolves it so that marks of almost every kind (e.g. tar, brake dust, remains of adhesives etc.) can be easily removed. Does not attack varnished surfaces. Neutral on wood, varnish, leather, rubber, plastic and fabric.

5 Contact spray: Short circuiting can be prevented. Oxidized contacts can be cleaned easily. Pleasant smell. Contains only 3% propellant (CFC-free), i.e. 97% active agent and therefore very effective. Has a high flashpoint of 78°C.

Main applications
Door frames, door locks, cylinder locks, window fittings, window mechanisms, for hand machines, industrial machines, HGVs, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, precision tools, etc., etc.

Brunox®-Turbo-Spray® – indispensable for industry, handwork trades and hobby uses (recommended by well-known automobile manufacturers).




Item No.


Euro pallet

Brunox® Turbo-Spray

Can 100ml

200 100 001



Brunox® Turbo-Spray

Can 400ml

200 400 001



Brunox® Turbo-Spray

Canister 5000ml

200 5000 001



pump sprayer, empty 500ml


200 000 009




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