Stone Stain Protector (for natural stone and non-glazed artificial stone

Stone Stain Protector
Stone Stain Protector


With nano effect. Ready-to-use, weather resistant and non-yellowing impregnation on the basis of high quality, modified, organic substances. The product is taken up by the capillary forces of the stone, however, without closing the pores. Excellent pearling properties.

Scope of Applications:
For the treatment of mineral building materials such as natural and artificial stone (polished, sanded or rough surface marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, porphyry, cotto, terrazzo, fine stoneware, concrete, unglazed ceramic slabs etc.) against water, fat and oil. Especially suited for use on kitchen floors, kitchen work surfaces, in bathrooms, washbasin surrounds, marble tiles on walls and floors, window sills, tile grouting, facades (anti-graffiti effect!).




Stone Stain Protector, 1000 ml

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