ferax® Repair Case

ferax® Repair Case
ferax® Repair Case

ferax® Repair Case
ferax® Repair case containing soft and hard waxes is the professional aid for repairs to wood or synthetic surfaces e.g. parquet and laminate floors, furniture, doors and doorframes, ceiling panels etc.

Soft waxes are ready-to-use and are applied with the varnished beech spatula. They can be used to carry out less demanding repairs.
Hard waxes are used primarily on flooring such as parquet or laminate which suffer mechanical stress.

Contents of the case:
• 20 rods of hard wax
• 20 rods of soft wax
• 1 battery-driven melter for hard wax
• 1 plastic plane for hard waxes
• 1 varnished beechwood spatula for soft waxes

• All colours are available individually for purchase at a later date.
• The set is available optionally with or without battery-driven melter. The melter is necessary for working with hard waxes.




Item No.


Repair Case incl. contents (ea. 20 hard and soft waxes, spatulas, melter)

300 700 991