Terrassenmeister® Light Well Cover

Terrassenmeister® Lichtschachtabdeckung

Terrassenmeister® Light Well Cover
High-quality, customized covers with an especially flat aluminium profile
The light well cover is mounted to the existing grid. The material is stainless steel, is permeable to light and weather resistant and most of all, it can be walked on. 
The existing light well is the load-bearing element – the cover provides a visual accent. On the wall side there is a brush seal which provides the perfect seal. The profile rises only 7mm and is chamfered.

Profile width 37 mm. On the underside is a butyl tape, with which the cover can be firmly attached to the existing light well. 
The following measurements are required for manufacture: 
Size of outside edge of the light well, width and length.

• No leaves fall into the light well
• No vermin in the cellar
• High-quality materials
• High-level stability
• Weather-proof
• Simple installation
• High light transmission.



Item No.


Light Well Cover (special size possible !)

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