ferax 20 building construction adhesive

ferax 20 building construction adhesive
ferax 20 building construction adhesive + cleaner

▲ ferax® 20 – Building construction adhesive for professional use
Professional 1C construction adhesive in conformity with DIN EN 204 D4 and WATT91(test report). Long-lasting waterproof bond for extreme circumstances. In the Standard Cartridge 310 ml., ferax® 20 bonds a variety of materials including wood, chipboard, laminated slabs, stone, artificial stone, ceramic, marble, concrete, metal, aluminium (anodized or powder coated), etc.  The diverse materials can also be glued one to the other. The reclosable screw nozzle ensures long-term use of the opened cartridge (after opening for use approx. 4–5 months). Weatherproof properties in conformity with DIN EN 204 D4 also allow ferax®20 to be used in outside areas.
Notes in the Technical Data Sheet 



Scope of application:
Waterproof wood and wood bonds, base skirtings, staircase renovation, metal window installation, natural stone installations, house doors, window seats, acoustic installations, polystyrene and polystyrene panels, etc. Applications for this special adhesive are practically unlimited.

Note: To pre-clean the parts and for the removal of fresh adhesive surplus, please use ferax®-Special Clean 2000. Hardened adhesive remains can only be removed mechanically.
Technical data:
Content: 310 ml / 470 g
open time: max. 2 min. at normal climate conditions (20°C)
Bonding: after 15 min. stable for assembly, after about 24 hrs. final stability (2 mm/12 hr.)
Colour: beige
Basis: Polyurethane – moisture hardening
Temperature resistance: from –30°C to +110°C
Storage: dry, +10°C to +20°C, protected against direct sunshine
Shelf life: unopened approx. 18 months, unopened approx. 18 months


Item No.


Euro pallet

ferax 20 – Building adhesive, 310ml

150 150 310




Cleanser: Clean 2000, 1000ml

300 200 010




Contents: 310 ml / 470 g
Temperature resistance: from –30°C to +110°C


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