Drill Bits


Diamond Dry Drill Bits for Stone and Ceramic Paving Slabs

Special drill bits for ceramic patio paving slabs, fine stoneware, thin granite, clinker etc. With M14 take-up for angle grinder. Specially designed for the installation of Terrassenmeister fitted lighting in patio paving slabs. Optional 30 or 60 mm. Diamond drill means that the drill holes are ca. 2-3 mm larger than nominal diameter.

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Instructions for use:

Diamond drill bits are used in angle grinding at ca. 10,000 – 11,000 RPM. 
Remove the clamping flange on the angle grinder. 
Place the drill bit on the M14 socket of the angle grinder and tighten. 
Make sure that the material is secured. 
Place the drill bit at an angle (ca. 30-46°) to the material. 
Sink the drill slowly into the material. Now, in the material, continue drilling with gentle circular motion.


Item No.




700 800 028


Diamond Dry Drill Bit Ø 30mm


700 800 026


Diamond Dry Drill Bit Ø 60mm