Color Intensifier (for natural stone and non-glazed artificial stone)

Color Intensifier
Color Intensifier


The color intensifier deepens color and structure for stone surfaces which appear pale and colorless. Non-polished stone surfaces can be adjusted in color to match polished stone. Especially suitable for deepening the color tone of rough, quarry rough, porous, sawn, sanded, flamed, absorbent natural and artificial stones (such as marble, granite, gneiss, porphyry, slate, Solnhofen tiles and artificial stone). 
The product produces a “wet look”, without forming gloss and has a water and dirt repellant effect.

Apply undiluted with a brush or mop or spray gun in an even, thin layer. Excess should not be allowed to dry but should be removed with a cloth. Protect against rain for 24 hours.
Coverage: 10 - 20 m² (when used undiluted)




Color intensifier, 1000 ml

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